Bonfiglioli for charity

The realization of the charity initiative

The Bonfiglioli CHEERFUTURELAND project is building a children’s village in Arakkonam to house some of India’s neediest children, complete with accommodation, clinic, workshops, etc..
Our aim is to help these children grow up in a secure and comfortable environment, to look after them, educate them, and to permit them to develop physically, culturally and socially.

The project is destined to run for years to come, with different phases concentrating on the construction of different structures, starting from the provision of a home for around 45 children who are currently living in highly undesirable conditions.
Thanks to an agreement between NAMASTE’, an Italian non-profit association, and PREM CHARITABLE TRUST, an Indian association dedicated to recovering and assisting young orphans, Bonfiglioli finished the first stage of the project building a HOME FOR CHILDREN.

We are making progress every day, but we see this project as shared with all those who have had the generosity to donate.
We know you want to see your money put to tangible, practical uses, providing practical aid for needy children.
Bonfiglioli Riduttori is therefore not only promoting this project but is monitoring and guaranteeing its progress too, checking and reporting exactly how much work has been done.