Innovation, Research & Development

Without innovation, there can be no development.

The Bonfiglioli Group is well aware of this fact and has invested in efficient R&D departments in all its plants.
Our group also works closely with prestigious universities and research institutes around the world to develop advanced solutions and applications on a virtually continuous basis.

Bonfiglioli’s R&D departments have a mission to ensure technological excellence and are committed to the development of alternative materials, new production processes and rigorous performance tests.

BIC (Bonfiglioli Innovation Centre) is the strategic heart of our group’s extensive testing and development operations.
BIC is located in Germany and dedicated to the development of advanced solution for new applications and to innovation in general.
The centre employs a team of engineers and professionals from all the industrial sectors that Bonfiglioli serves.

BIC performs a key role and works with all our group’s business units to perfect new technologies, materials and solutions capable of adding immediate value to Bonfiglioli’s solutions for industry.