Spare parts

To guarantee a complete and reliable service, and to satisfy customers’ needs for spare parts, Bonfiglioli can rely on an extensive and strategically organised distribution network covering over 80 countries.
This vast organisation can supply whatever spares are needed in the shortest time possible.
In addition to its own network of subsidiaries and specialised distributors, Bonfiglioli also benefits from the services of an excellent partner: BRT.

BRT ensures a rapid, top-class service that is tailored to meet customers’ practical needs. Original Bonfiglioli spare parts are readily available worldwide thanks to an efficient organisation and the prudent policy of holding an adequate stock that even covers products that have been out of production for 10 years. 

 Through its strategically distributed network, BRT is able to optimise spare part delivery times in line with Bonfiglioli’s reputation for excellence in product and service quality. An efficient computer program automatically manages spare part provisioning and stock levels, which are always sufficient to satisfy even orders for unusual components and large quantities.