Gearmotor handbook

As a leading supplier of gearmotors, Bonfiglioli commissioned four experts of international repute to write this handbook on power transmission.
The publication covers a range of topics including the history of power transmission, mathematical and mechanical formulae, advanced design tools and production process quality control.

The handbook is essential reading for anyone interested in power transmission technology, from university students to sector professionals.

The manual is divided into five parts.
In part 1, Darle W. Dudley provides a historical overview of developments in power transmission technology spanning four millennia.
In part 2, Jacques Sprengers introduces the latest theories in mechanical engineering. Part 3 is dedicated to a thorough treatment of gears and gearboxes, from sophisticated theories to the practical development of ring gears, shafts, casings, bearings, etc.. Part 4, edited by Dierc Scröder, focuses on all forms of electric machines.
The last part of the handbook, written by Haijme Yamashina, describes the reliability standards imposed by Bonfiglioli and the quality control system created to maintain those standards.