Industrial Markets

Industrial Markets Bonfiglioli designs and produces a wide range of integrated solutions for power control and transmission.
Bonfiglioli products are used in thousands of different applications. Our group has been organised into business units in order to provide rapid and accurately targeted responses to customer needs.
Our group’s Industrial, Mobile and Wind Business Units focus on different markets but share the same operating methods and the same mission to ensure total customer satisfaction. Bonfiglioli’s Industrial Business Unit offers a vast range of products that effectively serve the needs of a variety of applications and markets.
The coverage and depth of our product portfolio allows us not only to compete on all markets in the field of industrial manufacturing, but to offer specific and dedicated solutions too. Packaging, plastics, sugar processing, biogas, ceramics and textiles are just some examples of the areas we serve.
In each of these markets, Bonfiglioli operates through specialist sales organisations that offer products and solutions calibrated to meet the particular needs of the applications involved.

Ceramics & glass

The market for ceramic manufacturing machinery has its own very special needs in terms of product customisation, continuous production, reliability and resistance to dust and liquids.

Mining Industry

Bonfiglioli has been investing for years in R&D in order to develop dedicated and optimised solutions capable of satisfying the needs of the mining and extraction industry. The massive machines needed to move and process extracted materials often pose complex challenges: plant has to operate around the clock; service levels are very high and demanding; preventive maintenance has to be extremely rapid to minimise down-times; and more besides.


Thousands of different types of packaging are used throughout industry and packaging machines vary dramatically in type and functionality. Performance requirements differ widely but Bonfiglioli is able to satisfy them all.


Bonfiglioli has a long history of association with the natural and man-made fibre textile industry. Through our Industrial Business Unit we offer special, complete and dedicated solutions.

Food & Beverage

Within the Food & Beverage industry, Bonfiglioli offers a diverse range of solutions for all types of applications. We have decades of experience in developing customized solutions for the most challenging applications around the world and incomparable expertise in typical Food & Beverage processing applications.


Biogas is a new alternative energy source that is attracting growing interest for its easy exploitability and its ability to offer a good return on investment.

Plastic & Rubber

Plastic processing companies, and small and large extrusion plant in particular, demand excellent dynamics and high efficiency from compact products.

Sugar Cane Mill Plants

Bonfiglioli has developed special solutions for various phases in sugar cane transformation, from the handling of incoming raw cane through to processing and the movement of end products and waste.