Tailor-made drive solutions for sugar mills
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Tailor-made drive solutions for sugar mills

No drive technology - no sugar.

Sugarcane is an extremely versatile plant that can be used to make a vast range of end products: sugar to sweeten food and beverages, alcohol, ethanol for fuel, bio plastics and more. Given the global growth in demand for these end products, sugarcane processors are eager to update their aging sugarcane mills to increase productivity and energy efficiency of their processes.

Bonfiglioli, a global leader in planetary drives and frequency inverters for heavy-duty applications, has been active in this market for many years and has developed a number of drive and power transmission solutions for the various phases of sugar cane processing from harvesting to material handling, processing, transport, and waste disposal.

With outstanding expertise and flexibility, Bonfiglioli offers increased productivity, energy savings, and faster and simpler maintenance for even the most challenging applications.

A single, reliable partner for upgrading old processes with advanced solutions

Empresa Agraria Azucarera Andahuasí S.A.A., in Andahuasi, 140 km north of Lima, Peru, was founded in 1970 and in 1996 changed the name as it is today (being a cooperative) plant that was using industrial turbines, connected to the mill by gear units, to process as much as 1,850 tons of sugar cane a day. They were interested in updating their aging processes, which were limiting productivity, and wanted to find a single vendor to provide a complete drive solution to replace their old system.

Their system has now been replaced by a tailor-made solution by Bonfiglioli.

The sugarcane mill (of the 5 mills, 2 are now (each with)) driven by a 355 kW Drive Controller from Bonfiglioli's Active Cube range of inverters, a 300 kW drive motor and, 323 series planetary gear units, controlled by Bonfiglioli's Human Machine Interface (HMI). The entire system is more compact and is designed for continuous operation.

The Active Cube Inverter was supplied inside an electrical panel, containing all the other electro-electronic components needed for the operation, also designed by Bonfiglioli.

The 323 series planetary gear unit, on heavy duty mounting feet, is the distillation of years of experience and a database of hundreds of real life applications. Its 11-inch rectangular drive shaft, optimized flange coupling and Autogard torque limiter make it ideally suited to sugarcane mill applications.

Bonfiglioli's 323 series 3-stage planetary gear units are rated up to 890,310 Nm, with a transmission ratio of up to 173.2. They are equipped with a water protection system to maximize service life and reliability.

The Active Cube 4 (ACU 4) inverter chosen for the application is rated for 0.25 to 132 kW. The Active Cube (ACU 401-61 – 355 KW) appealed to E.A.A. Andahuasi due to its ability to satisfy their requirements of simple operation, outstanding energy efficiency and extended service life. The VPlus engineering and configuration software make configuration and commissioning easy and offers advanced, powerful diagnostics and troubleshooting tools, including a real time oscilloscope, variable monitoring and a dashboard for the most important process parameters.

The ACU 4 inverters offer connection options for 230 to 400 V, and can handle up to 1.5 factor short term overloads. In terms of safety, the inverters feature STO (Safe Torque Off) and SIL2 (safety Integration Level 2). They are equipped with a CAN open system bus as standard supply, along with Modbus and multiple digital and analogue inputs and outputs. They have integrated 24V power as well as EMC filters.

“Bonfiglioli’s complete drive solutions are able to handle all the requirements of sugar cane processing” says Alexandre Belon, Drive Service Center Manager, Corporate, for Bonfiglioli do Brasil.

Energy efficiency and quick return on investment

The new drive system from Bonfiglioli increased plant efficiency by a full 30%, which enabled E.A.A. Andahuasi S.A.A. to amortise the investment in just one year.

"Choosing Bonfiglioli means we have a competent partner for all our drive and automation technology at our side, who can provide us not only with reliable drive system solutions, but also professional service when necessary," says the current responsible of Empresa Agraria Azucarera Andahuasi S.A.A. "Furthermore, the Bonfiglioli solution is very robust, which is of great importance given the heavy duty nature of sugarcane processing, and this simplifies service" Belon adds.

A complete solution for sugarcane processing from one partner 

Bonfiglioli does not only supply planetary drives but also offers to its customers a wide range of gearmotors and gearboxes including worm gear units, helical parallel and helical bevel providing efficient solutions for all phases of sugarcane processing.

To provide reliable control and speed regulation, Bonfiglioli also offers a wide range of motors and inverters with a special energy-saving standby mode.

A wide range of solutions dedicated to Heavy Duty applications

Bonfiglioli benefits from years of experience in developing complete solutions dedicated to Heavy Duty applications. Thanks to the various series of planetary gearmotor, bevel helical gear reducer and parallel shaft gearboxe associated to mechatronics products are offering integrated high reliable solutions.

Alexandre Belon, Drive Service Center - Manager Corporate, Bonfiglioli do Brasil "Bonfiglioli's full product offering provides optimal solutions for sugar processing."

323 series planetary gear units offer a powerful, compact solution. They are ideal for all high performance applications in which vibration and impact are the rule rather than the exception.

Bonfiglioli's proven Active Cube inverter series, with upgraded features and higher protection rating (IP54), is the ideal solution for speed control in sugar cane applications.
They output up to 400 kW and are easy to run in parallel if greater power is required.

Bonfiglioli offers special solutions for various stages of sugar cane processing, from handling the raw sugarcane to transporting the end product and disposing of waste.